1.What is the main focus of the article? What does the author want you to take away from your reading? Summarize this in your own words.

Summarize this article from NAEYCs Young Children: Voices of Immigrants Parents in Preschool Settings by Mary Louise Hemmeter, Michaelene M. Ostrosky, Kathleen M. Artman, and Kiersten A. Kinder Pages 18-22 in the digital magazine link.Summarize the article by answering the three questions listed below. Each question should have an answer that has a minimum of 5 sentences. Please make sure you read the statement on Plagiarism. Also, do not copy and paste the article – that is plagiarism. Title must be included.

2.What are three strategies or ideas that are discussed in the article that you could implement when working with children and families?
3.How will you implement the strategies/ideas (from your second paragrah) into your classroom? How will you use these to create appropriate environments for children?

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