After analysing the current portfolio of HSBC UK bank, The writer should come up with the Optimal portfolio at the end with an advice where you say you should invest with this amount of risk level and these and these and these assets , this amount of cash level and that would be optimal portfolio for hsbc UK bank.

Simply. How it should look like. Based on theory to give an advice to the bank what is the optimal portfolio to invest in based on on the amount of risk level they want to be exposed to. Main book that must be referred to is Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo Corporate Finance-Global Edition book you all have those categories that they are currently investing in already (partially fixed assets, stocks, bonds) you have a certain mix on investments but what is OPTIMAL for them, that might be different than what they have now what implications does that have for them so you come up with the optimal portfolio compared to the current portfolio that they have and what consequences does it have for them if they choose to invest into optimal portfolio not messing too much with the level of risk that they are supposed to.The dissertation must be written accordingly to the guidelines (see attached file Guide.docx)

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