After reviewing the series of services provided by ISs that are discussed in this weeks lectures: pick one system( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and identify published material (1 article) that describes a potential pitfall of the system you chose and describe it; pick one system (consumerization of information technology (COIT) and identify published material (1 article) that describes a significant innovation that affects the system you chose and describe it; pick one system that you think must be used by both Apple and Starbucks to make the partnership discussed in this project successful.

Business Use Case (Part II)
As part of the final project last week, you examined the information flow of purchasing and retrieving downloads from iTunes.This week, you’ll study the partnership between Apple and Starbucks, and analyze the organizational structure of their business, including their technology and business models. You’ll then develop a business use case diagram for the customers using their services.You can research the partnership between Apple and Starbucks by searching the Internet for the following keywords:Partnership between Apple and Starbucks
Apple and Starbucks
You can also visit Apple’s Web site for more information.After conducting your research, briefly describe the details of the partnership as it applies to the end user and prepare a 5- to 6-page paper that answers each of the following questions given below:What kind of partnership exists between Apple and Starbucks and how does it enable the end user to download songs played in the store?
How does this venture benefit each party respectively?
What do the brand identities of each company stand to gain by this partnership?
What issues in terms of technology integration are faced by this type of partnership? What technology is required for a user to utilize this system?
Construct a business use case diagram for a customer using this partnership service. Identify which part of the use case refers to which partner in the system.

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