Analyze a Level 3 strong needs mistaken behavior intervention you have dealt with or observed. Discuss the behavior identification, share the implemented interventions and strategies, analyze the effectiveness, and finally share any adjustments you would now make to the plan.

Reflective practice is an indicator of excellent educators. Experienced as well as inexperienced educators demonstrate their professionalism by adjusting their practices to increase their effectiveness.

In a 2-3-page Reflection paper, share a situation (experienced or observed) dealing with a Level 3 strong needs mistaken behavior. Reflect on and describe the changes you would now make to your procedure. Your paper should include:
1. 2-3 pages describing the Level 3 mistaken behavior and reasons for this identification
2. Include applicable information from available resources
3. Include evidence of DAP awareness
4. Intervention strategies attempted/implemented
5. Crisis management techniques attempted/implemented
6. An explanation of how you would handle the situation applying your new learning
7. APA formatted title and reference pages as well as in text citation where appropriate

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