Analyze the likelihood of divorce for this couple.

Discussion Board Topic 1: What’s in Wedding Announcement? 11 11 unread replies. 11 11 replies. Find an interesting engagement or wedding announcement. It can be from a print or online publication. You will include the announcement in your post, so print announcements will need to be scanned and posted accordingly. The announcement should include a photo of the couple. In your search, look for interesting and detailed announcements as they provide rich opportunities for students to expand their analyses. For example, certain publications such as the New York Times feature stories which tell of the couples dating history (for example, a detailed background of the families, how and where the couple met). Using only the information provided in the announcement: (1) Analyze the announcement looking at variables such as religion, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, age, and sex. (2) Analyze the nature of the relationship using concepts such as endogamy, exogamy, homogamy (including marital history homogamy), heterogamy, marriage gradient, and residential propinquity. (3) Analyze the likelihood of divorce for this couple. In your response, be sure to identify at least 3 – 5 concepts from the text. Your response should be approximately 1 – 3 pages. You may post your response directly into a textbox on Discussion Board or attach a Word document to Discussion Board, whichever you prefer. When writing your response use descriptive, narrative prose. Do not simply list and answer questions. It is absolutely essential that students cite information from their textbook (or other resources) to support their answers. So, cite information from the text that supports various aspects your response. Content that appears to be the opinion of students (and not cited material) will receive a poor grade.

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