Analyze the quality improvement initiative. Analyze laws, regulations, policies, and procedures affected by the initiative.

Write an executive summary for your Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project and incorporate any improvements you made as a result of your research throughout the course or from faculty feedback. Include the following in your executive summary: Summarize the data that was used as the basis to justify the need for the initiative, including any internal and external sources of information. Evaluate the achievability of the proposed change. Detail the approaches and models needed to implement the change. Propose a communication strategy to leadership and staff in order to gain buy-in and support of the initiative. Develop an organization chart depicting the departments and people that the initiative will affect. Analyze how the initiative aligns and supports the strategic vision and mission of the organization. Identify an evaluation measure to assess how well the initiative met the objectives. Determine whether the initiative produces an improvement that meets any of the criteria for Magnet designation or to be eligible to receive the Baldrige Award. Cite and reference all sources. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck presentation of your Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project by combining the executive summary with the graphics document from Week 5.

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