Assume that your audience is unfamiliar with the course text you are writing about; therefore, you will need to provide a good amount of summary in order to explain your analysis and position.

For instance, you should explain who the author is and why they are considered an expert on their chosen topic. You may also need to talk about the authors sub-arguments, use of evidence, and conclusions.To identify an argument of your own in relation to the course text, you will need to analyze the article for its strengths, its weaknesses, and the value of the authors implications or conclusions. The following are templates for positions you might make in relation to the course text where X=the author/authors:- X makes a strong argument that _____________, but the argument would have been more ____________ if she had also considered _________________.- X may be correct in their argument that __________________, and yet I am concerned about the implications of this argument for the following reasons: ___________ and ________________.- I agree with X up to a point, but I cannot agree with their conclusion that _________________.- Xs argument focuses on an important topic, especially for _______ (group of people/field of study)__________ because ________________. Additional research should be done in this field to find out ______________ and ______________.- I believe that Xs argument could be applied well to other settings such as ____________, and by doing so we might learn _______________.- I find Xs argument of limited value because he did not consider ________________, which would have made his argument more complex and ____________________.These suggestions are only a few of many possible arguments you could construct; please do not limit yourself only to these suggestions.(choose your own position)

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