Briefly and adequately explained the negotiation being analyzed, supported by research when necessary.

Consider perception and negotiation.
Using course materials regarding perception, which may include but are not limited to Getting to Yes, Lewicki text readings 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, the Jill Bolte Taylor and Ariely TED podcasts, along with course presentations and discussions, choose a life event (some event from your life or observation) and discuss how the materials illuminate, explain and inform the example(s) from the negotiation or life event.

The grading rubrics are:

Problem: Briefly and adequately explained the negotiation (or other event) being analyzed, supported by research when necessary

Integration: Integrated course materials (Lectures, discussion, text, videos, exercise) as appropriate to develop a reasoned analysis

Analysis: Demonstrated intellectual depth and mastery of course topics

Writing: Lucid writing. Clear, correct English. Well-edited. Correct use of APA.

I will upload you the book getting to Yes and the Lewicki text readings

Here is the link for the two video

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