Case Study

Court case titled ” Attorney Guilty of Unauthorized Disclosure of Medical Information,” found on page 43 of the textbook listed below.  Consider both sides of the issue with regards to the psychiatrst and ttorney:

  • If you were th psychiatrist in this situation, would you have allowed the medical records to be subponenaed?  Why or why not?  How can you appeal a subpoena of medical records?  Do you believe that the psychiatrist in this case was guilty of a breach of confidentiality?  Explain your reasoning.
  • If you were the attorney in this situation, would yo have subpoenaed the medical records?  Why or why not?  Considering the man’s medical history, could this be considered a breach of ethics?  What if it endangers the child?  Explain your reasoning as you answer these questions.

This response should be at least one page double-spaced and in APA format.

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