Case Study Analysis

Is it possible to have too much information about the customer?
Introduction: Two weeks ago, Leo took a trip to Atlantic City. While at the casino playing the slot machines, one of the customer service representatives approached Leo and asked if he would be interested in getting a players card enabling him to earn points. Leo’s first reaction was, “do I have to pay a fee?” The representative said he would not and told Leo all that was needed was his name and address. As Leo was completing the players card application form, he noticed that it asked for his driver license number. At that moment, Leo stated he was no longer interested since a driver license number was something he was not comfortable sharing.
With heightened awareness of identity theft today, many customers or clients are becoming increasingly reluctant to share any information they deem unnecessary. As a business, where does the company draw the line when acquiring new customers? What is the tipping point? Is it better to not collect some types of information customers don’t feel comfortable sharing? So finally, is it possible to require too much information from your customers? Or is it possible to have too much information about your customer? What are the liabilities of storing and securing this information? Who gains access to it? What are your legal obligations?
Assignment: Prepare a response to the following discussion question after reviewing Real World Case 1 in O’Brien, Hilton Hotels Corporations: From Security Perspective And Ensuring That Business Needs Are Met. Is it possible to have too much information about the customer?
Cite examples from your own reading and research to support your position. Format your response according to APA guidelines.

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