Choose one of the two following options, not both, only one of them. Either write a research paper, or write eight half to one-page preparation studies.

Research Paper Option. Select a text from Revelation, read the text carefully, research enough to find out what commentators agree on in your text and what the problems are. It is a good idea to check your text selection with the instructor. This is a good paper in which to explore some debated aspect or theme of Revelation, or a section you have grappled with for some reason. Explain your text as you understand it. It is appropriate to suggest an application of your text to contemporary life, but not before the last paragraph or two. Write about six pages of text. You may use either the footnotes / endnotes bibliographic style of citation, or the parenthetical-reference list style of citation. Do not take more than one page to get to your text or issue. Imagine that you are writing to a fellow student, one who is taking the course with you, but knows little about the matter you are researching. Preparation Studies Option. Imagine that you will lead a group of people in a study of the book of Revelation. They are reading the whole book of Revelation, but do not understand it at all. For eight evenings you will explain to them a different section of Revelation each evening. This assignment is designed to prepare you to lead this. Select eight texts from Revelation between three and fifteen verses long. Write at least half page, definitely not more than one page, on each of your eight texts. Each page will have the following five elements: (1) A title for that study at the top of the page, including the text references, i.e. Rev. 1:1-7. (2) A one-line brief statement of the core teaching of your text. Do this last. (3) A paragraph describing the text you have chosen. Observe the obvious – is your text a conversation? A picture? A conflict? An invitation? What happens? Who are the key characters? What is the tone? And so on. Pay close attention to what your text actually says. Dont interpret, dont be afraid to record the obvious, just observe. (4) A second paragraph describing how your text would have served the original first century readers. How would your text have helped Johns persecuted churches, to guide or warn or encourage them? (5) A third paragraph in which you show how your text might guide Christian life and loyalty and worship in the present time. That is, how would you apply the text? These preparation studies can be either single-spaced or double-spaced. You do not need to research this, although you may. A sample preparation study is included at the end of this syllabus.

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