Colonial powers French and British:

Colonial powers French and British: 1. why did the great European colonial powers, Britain and France lose their empires so rapidly after World War II and why was the transition to independence peaceful in some countries and violent in other? choose two Britain and two French colonial illustrate this answer. hints (African country).
2. Answer this question and write a response to this question directly and completely.present series of point from a book, online resources, journals that support the answer to it.
3. keep quotations short- no more than 3 lines. and do not have more than five.
4. carefully please read the paper for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting it.
5. please carefully check facts, date, information , and make sure that is editable for me to edit.
6.sources; one book at least, mix of journals, online sources that are be trustful.
7.put the whole question top of the paper, please don not edit the question.

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