Compare and contrast.

Compare and contrast the methods of measuring aerodynamic forces in a wind tunnel to that of an airplane in flight.


  1. Compare and contrast the best jet range profiles. Which is best and why? (Constant Mach, Constant Cruising Altitude).
  2. Compare and contrast propeller driven performance to jet performance in an aircraft? If you were designing an aircraft what would be the reasons for choosing the power plant type?


  1. What are the design features in an aircraft that affect an aircraft’s takeoff and landing performance? Research an airplane and describe what features are used.


  1. Compare and contrast the concepts of Stability, Control, and Maneuverability in an aircraft design. Explain why Charles Lindberg was very happy with the lateral stability of the Spirit of St. Louis. Was it negative, neutral or positive?


  1. Compare and contrast spin recovery procedures of two different aircraft. What makes the recoveries different for each aircraft?


  1. Designers of transonic/supersonic aircraft use different features to enable flight in this high speed regime. Sometimes these features are designed in upfront and sometimes they are a result of the test flight. Research a high speed aircraft and explain what features were used to enable it to fly in the high speed regime.

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