Conduct a research on the topic affirmative action.

you need to conduct additional research on your topic (affirmative action). note that given that your objective is to explore a topic, you are expected to include sources beyond the wood text( and the wood textbook is NOT considered one of your required sources). sources expected include current, scholarly/academic articles or books. credible internet, magazine, or newspaper sourcesmalso can be used to supplement your scholarly/academic sources. you will summarize what you have learned in a full two pages, typed, double spaced, times new roman, qw point font, standard margins paper. you are encouraged to submit supplementary materials such as relevant cartoons, advertisement examples, film examples, ect. Additionally , you might include a “stats sheet” related to your topic, or a chronology, if appropriate. your summary of findingd should be no more than two pages in length in essay format. then include any supplementary materials, and finally, in culde an APA reference list of all sources used.
if you have any question , please ask , and please follow the instruction carefully, thank you

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