Construct a logic structure to iterate through the array and print out the content of each position in the array.

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Key Assignment

Software applications often use data for various functions. These functions are widespread and can include many aspects, such as collecting data, storing data, performing operations on data, or reporting data. Arrays are one of the most popular data structures used to store collections of similar data. Stated simply, an array is a data structure that allows for the collection of like items in a contiguous memory location, which enables individual items to be referenced, as needed, to support the program application. You will extend your application to define an array data structure, populate the array, and print the contents of the array to standard out. Complete the following:

Use the application you created in Eclipse in Week 1.
Update the program to include any feedback previously provided by your instructor.
Define an array data structure with at least 5 items, which will be used to store integers.
Populate the array with a static list of variables.
Choose a position in the array, and store the value that was calculated in Week 3 and that was used by the logic structures in Week 4.
Construct a logic structure to iterate through the array and print out the content of each position in the array.
When the index where the calculated field is stored is encountered, use a logic structure to print a unique print statement indicating the index of where the calculated field is stored.
Compile the application.
Run the application to demonstrate a working program.

Submit the following:

The CPP file that contains the code
A screenshot of a successful compile
A screenshot of successful run

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