Could you use both methods in your investigation? If so, how would they work in conjunction with one another?

Scenario: You are a criminal investigator involved in an investigation into an aggravated battery; the defendant was charged after he almost beat his best friend to death. They had been friends for 15 years prior to this incident. Your investigation showed several motives, which included funds in the amount of $8,000 missing from a joint business between the defendant (Smith) and the victim (Jones). Also, you discovered that Jones was having an affair with Smiths wife. Recently, Jones was discovered by you to have been meeting Smiths teenage daughter at a local hotel and remaining with her overnight in the hotel. Jones has also been supplying his 13-year-old son with marijuana.Smith requested a lawyer and is refusing to provide a statement. Smiths court-appointed attorney has advised the prosecutor that he plans to plead temporary insanity to the charge of aggravated battery. The District Attorney has invited you to come to his office to meet with the court-appointed psychologist who will interview Smith to determine if his insanity plea is legally feasible. The psychologist and the District Attorney disagree about whether to approach the investigation using inductive or deductive reasoning to evaluate the investigation. Because of your specialized training in psychopathology and criminality, he has asked you to prepare a briefing explaining the differences between inductive and deductive reasoning.The District Attorney wants you to indicate your preference for the investigative approach and explain why you chose that approach.Focus your discussion on the following:Which method would the psychologist likely choose? Why would the psychologist choose this method?
Which method would the District Attorney likely choose? Why would the District Attorney choose this method?

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