Create a blog post addressing Internet use.

We are extending our “Bridge the Gap” program to include a blog to encourage our participants to access the Internet. For this Assignment please do the following:
1. Create a blog post addressing Internet use.
To begin this Assignment,
1. Use the search engine of your choice, search for “free blog tool.”
2. Select the tool that you feel is most appropriate for the task.
3. Sign up for a free account. (Note: if you already have a blog account, you may use that.)
4. Choose an appropriate background or theme.
5. Give your blog an appropriate name.
6. Create a post that contains a short paragraph on each of the following topics:
a. Use at least one source other than your book for each topic.
b. Include a link to each outside source that your readers can follow.
c. Include pictures where appropriate.
i. Make sure that the pictures are free to use and share (hint: Use Google®
Advanced Image Search. Under “License” choose “Free to use and
ii. Provide a direct link for each image you use.
d. Topics should include:
i. Brief history of the Internet and Web browsers
ii. Methods of communication
1. Social networking
2. Email
3. Wikis and Blogs
4. Podcasts and webcasts
5. Streaming media
iii. E-commerce and m-commerce

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