Create and decorate meaningful and thoughtful puppets or a story board using felt.-Use speech and movement to give life to puppets. -Use puppets to find a voice for themselves for when they are teachers conducting an activity and or conveying a message to young children.

Each student will create a handmade puppet/doll or felt poster to go with a children s’ book (you will read it out loud and or act it out using your story board or puppet), along with a typed paragraph describing the process of making the puppet, the suppliesneeded, how it relates to the story, and how it will be used. We will display them in class for students to view. You have the option to present this assignment. If you use an exiting book, please make sure to describe what the book is about and who the author and illustrator are.If you do not use an existing children’s story, you will need to write one and read it and or act it out using your story board or puppet. Any typed information will go in your PORTFOLIO. If you are reading an existing story, please make sure to bring a copy of the book or story. It is optional to provide additional copies of any story, books, types information for the entire class. You are not required, but if it will enhance or help your story, feel free. Students will: – This is practice for good communication and rapport with children.-Use puppets to act with other students puppets and or when conducting an activity, reading a book aloud, and or introducing a mascot to the class. – Students will combine a comfort in dramatic play and artistic creation to create personalized and meaningful puppets, and through speech and movement animate them to interact on their own and with other puppets, students (children), and or for teaching purposes.

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