Critically analyse the extent to which digital platforms have transformed contemporary journalism.”

Guidelines: – To discuss the question, you are asked to apply theories as well as back your argument up with examples and case studies. Be sure to develop your argument by consulting at least 8 sources, 4 of which must be academic, peer-reviewed sources. Please take care to cite all references carefully with Harvard Referencing to avoid any possibility of inadvertent plagiarism. Sources that can be used: – Gillespie, T. (2010). The Politics of Platforms. New Media & Society, 12(3), 347 364. – Bell, E., & Owen, T. (2017). The Platform Press: How Silicon Valley Reengineered Journalism (Tow Center Report). New York: Columbia University. Retrieved from – Dijck, J. van, & Poell, T. (2013). Understanding Social Media Logic. Media and Communication, 1(1), 214. – Gerlitz, C., & Helmond, A. (2013). The Like Economy: Social Buttons and the Data- Intensive Web. New Media & Society, 15(8), 1348 1365. – Helmond, A. (2015). The Platformization of the Web: Making Web Data Platform Ready. Social Media + Society, 1(2), 2056305115603080.

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