Critically Appraising Quasi-Experiments: Time-Series Designs and Single-Case Designs

After reviewing the contents of chapter 7, write your critical appraisal of the Study 2 Synopsis on page 170-171 without reading the Critical Appraisal on Synopsis 2 on page 173. In your critical appraisal, make sure to discuss the following questions: 1) Can you say that implementation of the prerelease program is associate with the re-arrest rates to drop? In other words, can you rule out history, passage of time, and regression to the mean as plausible explanations for re-arrest rates to drop? Why or why not? 2) You are a social worker in another prison setting and considering using this program. What kind of things do you need to think through before deciding to implement this program? In your response, write your reflection on your critical appraisal of Study 2 Synopsis after reading the Critical Appraisal on Synopsis 2 on page 171 (at least in 150 words). Did you miss anything? Agree or disagree with the Critical Appraisal presented by the text? etc…

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