Critically discuss if the level of executive pay reflects rent seeking by managers.

Address the following question making reference to both theory and examples.

‘Critically discuss if the level of executive pay reflects rent seeking by managers’

Within your discussion please make reference to reading indicated in the lecture slides, contained in the additional reading folder on the Blackboard website and from your own research.

The information for this assessment can come from a range of sources including appropriately referenced academic papers, regulatory sources and the wider media.
The format of your answer must include an introduction, a conclusion and references. The report will be judged on the following criteria: a) Argument, understanding and analysis (e.g. addressing the task with relevant knowledge, understanding and insight; coherent, cogent and structured progression of argument); b) Sources and evidence (e.g. breadth and depth of reading; proper citation; use of primary and secondary data; appropriate use of qualitative/quantitative methods); and c) Written communication (e.g. layout, headings; spelling, grammar; paragraphing (overlong/too short); repetition; references).

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