Critically examine the effectiveness of the key environmental policies relating to renewable energy generation in Scotland

Hi there, these are the instructions from the professor: Your essay must include references to: Relevant legislation, Regulatory policies (e.g. financial incentives, prohibitions, licensing regimes), and, critically, Independent evaluations of those policies, particularly peer-reviewed journal papers. !!! Failure to include all three elements will result in your mark being capped at C1!!! Word limit: 2500, excluding title, tables, captions and reference list. THESE ARE MY INSTRUCTIONS: A) please make sure you send me a draft once you’re halfway done with the essay so that I can tell you in time whether I like the structure and the content. I don’t want you to type the entire essay and send it to me, only to have me send it back to you with request of revision. B) please make sure you reference in the text in the form of e.g. Renewable energy generation Blah, blah, blah … (Smith, 2003) and then include the full reference list on the last page in the form of e.g. Smith, J., 2003, Renewable energy policies in Scotland, Journal of Renewable Energy (name of the journal in italics please), Volume 3, pages 234-245, Available at: URL address of the website, accessed on 26th October 2018 C) Please, please make sure you include a lot of information from peer- reviewed journals and please include a lot of legislation and policies there. The essay title asks for CRITICAL EXAMINATION OF THE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE KEY ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES RELATING TO RENEWABLE ENERGY GENERATION IN SCOTLAND so please review the EFFECTIVENESS OF the key environmental policies which apply only to Scotland! I don’t want examination of US American or Russian or XY’s environmental policies. Just Scotland’s please. Please really look at their effectiveness and critically examine whether or not they are effective in practice. D) PLEASE, make sure you really do include a lot of examples of Relevant legislation,Regulatory policies (e.g. financial incentives, prohibitions, licensing regimes), and, that you provide critical Independent evaluations of those policies, particularly peer-reviewed journal papers. E) Please, include an introduction- 1 page long, and conclusion- 1.5-2 pages long which will summarise the main points presented in the main body of the essay. If you need any more instructions, please do get in touch with me. Thank you!

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