Define the event project and propose the events objectives2 Critically explore the anticipated needs of customers

Event professionals face many challenges in the organisation of an event. When approached by a client, the remit may give you little more than the outline of the customer group and initial thoughts concerning the type of event to be held. Location decisions, suggested format / itinerary, logistical and resource considerations present the events professional with a spaghetti problem to unravel into a structured project plan. Development of creative solutions and proactive strategies appropriate to the nature of the event and the needs of stakeholders will therefore require initiative and intellectual dexterity. TASKYou are a professional events organiser, who has been contracted by Birmingham City Council (working in conjunction with Age UK) to plan, develop and pilot a new city outdoor event Tea For Two. The event, geared towards the elderly residing in Birmingham, shares Age UKs vision : Birmingham : Where Everyone Can Love Later Life. If successful, Birmingham City Council and Age UK plan to develop and host many more of these events across the city on an annual basis. It is anticipated that this first event will attempt to target 1000 attendees.
To commence this process, you have been requested to submit an event proposal report that addresses a number of key event project areas vital to the success of this future event. Your report must :
3 Use a weighted criteria model / centre of gravity method to identify and justify a suitable event venue / location within the Birmingham region.4 Include a detailed map of the locality with supportive justifications for your choice (Ordnance Survey map of area or similar preferred)5 Develop a work breakdown schedule6 Evaluate the resource requirements7 Present a suitable project management model (Gantt Chart) detailing the anticipated timeframe and anticipated planned scheduling of the event together with supportive justifications for your actions8 Offer reasoned conclusions and recommendations
Students are therefore expected to consult the project management literature to both inform and support their analysis, using industry examples.Additional supporting information for the report (if appropriate) can be provided in the Appendices.

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