Describe the main differences between coaching and mentoring.

Discussion 1

Read the Forbes article “The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring.” Coaching and mentoring are both functions of human resources management. Many of the characteristics are similar. However, the two techniques are best used for different situations. Describe the main differences between coaching and mentoring. Give an example of a scenario in which coaching is the better method. Give an example in which mentoring is the better method.

Reference and cite the textbook in your original post.

Discussion 2

Corporate social responsibility is a function of human resources (HR). However, HR must ensure that employees understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and how they are affected. Watch the video clip on Esprit and Patagonia. After viewing the clip, answer the following questions:

How do these two organizations demonstrate corporate social responsibility?
What role can HR take in creating a culture of corporate social responsibility?

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