Describe the organization, business or activity requiring data management development.

1) Project Description (1-2 pages) (Submit at Checkpoint 1)

Locate a “client” to develop a database system for. This client may be any organization in the community. Some examples of topics used in the past: Topic Examples.xlsx

Describe the organization, business or activity requiring data management development. Describe the data environment: existing database, data files, or other sources of existing data. Describe the current unmet needs; i.e., the ways in which a well designed database can help make the organization more effective. Describe in words the kinds of data that will be tracked, the kinds of applications required, and any unique requirements, such as security or web-access. Lastly, discuss limitations of the database you build. What needs were you not able to meet? Make suggestions for future revisions.

If you are unable to locate a client, please contact me at least one 5 days prior to the due date of Checkpoint #1.

2) Project Planning

List Entities
List Attributes
List relevant “business rules”

Check Point 1, (See due date in Assignment) (Maps to the SDLC Steps 1 (Project Identification & Selection) and 2 (Initiation and Planning)

Check Point 1 is basically a rough outline of your project. It should provide details of the “Lists” above. You will submit a Word or PDF document.

Include a rough sketch of your ERD (conceptual design) listing essential entities, attributes and business rules.

Submit this file on Canvas under Assignments-> Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 1 is to be a document outlining your project and a rough draft of an ERD. Submit your Word or PDF document here. Be sure to include a discussion of the business rules in the outline.

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