Describe the treatment used and what occurs during treatment. Are there other treatment approaches that might also work? What are they? Is the treatment approach supported by research?

Step 1 Go back to the previous assignment (Assignment 11.1: Mental Disorders) and choose a mental disorder or problem you want to study further. Perhaps you are interested in the problem of depression, anxiety (such as test anxiety or social anxiety), substance abuse, or another issue. Step 2 Explore the treatment options for the disorder you have chosen. You might find information you can use by using your favorite Internet search engine to find the following: Types of Psychological Treatment What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy? National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Step 3 Report about treatment methods. Write a one-page paper to address the following points: Describe, if you can, the results of the research done on this treatment approach. Compare and contrast this therapy approach with at least one other therapy approach for this problem.

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