Describe your culture and focus on a detailed specific scene or event from your field notes.

Mini-paper 1: Ethnography

This 2-4page mini-paper is the first step to writing your term paper. In this short essay you will conduct and analyze fieldwork. This entails three steps: conducting fieldwork, writing fieldnotes, then analyzing your data to make claims about the culture you’ve observed. 1) spend several hours observing a cultural group to which you have access (the best way is to be a member of the group); 2) take detailed notes describing everything you observe; 3) use critical tools for ethnographic inquiry (analyze performances, language, rituals, symbols, hierarchies, expressions, etc.)


1) Introduction: set the scene and state your thesis: What is your main argument? Preview your two main points. Your analysis should deal with key issues of the course (power, identity, culture)? [1-2 paragraphs]
2) Describe your culture and focus on a detailed specific scene or event from your fieldnotes. Assume your reader doesn’t know anything about it, so spend a paragraph just describing the group you are analyzing and a specific incident or interaction. Give the reader sensorial details that help your reader ‘picture’ the culture. Consider evoking multiple senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, sound). [1-2 paragraph]
3) Analyze cultural performances (uses of language, ritual, etc.). Be sure to provide evidence and examples from the your fieldnotes to support your argument. [the bulk of your paper is here about a page]
4) Incorporate at least one concept from the reading (culture, performance of identity, the body, etc.—any concept, you choose!). Define and apply the concept to your critical reading of the text. Cite the reading using MLA format. [2 paras]
5) Conclusion: restate thesis; review two main points.

• Your paper should be 2 pages double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman. Use MLA for citations. Your paper should be saved as a Word.doc or Word.docx
• Your paper should be organized: it should be easy follow your line of thinking. Read your paper out loud. Have at least one peer read your paper and give feedback prior to turning it in.
• Use good argumentation skills: support your claims with evidence from your text and provide good reasoning for your arguments.

Rubric: these are the criteria by which your paper will be evaluated
Culture or group: does the author describe and/or provide pictures of the group they chose to study? justify it as a compelling object of study?
Concept/s: Does author utilize concepts from class discussion or readings to analyze the text? Does analysis bring new light to our understanding of key course concepts (i.e. culture, power, ideology, representation, identity…).
Analysis: Does the author use evidence and/or examples from fieldnotes to support claims? Do the ideas build on each other in a logical manner?

you need sources from the reading and website link given

filed notes
cheese pizza – hong kong store
open hours 9am – 9pm
2 cashier (young female) and to take order
1-2 waiter ( young male and female)
2 people for washing dishes ( female)
4 people in the kitchen ( 2 male for cooking and deep firing the chicken, 2 female make pizza
2 managers – walking and checking on the worker. (one male and one female)
3 male – to do the delivery , drive with moped that proved from store.

co- worker only sit when it is break time. 10 mins break time. co- worker smoke at the back of the store or use the bath room at break time. but there was no siting, talking other stuff,smoking, texting,playing phone while working.
co-worker work harder when the manager were there, and they became more relax , smoking, playing phone when the managers were gone.
customer- all Chinese, people who live around that area, less foreigner. customer come with pair or with family together, something customers will come and create a small birthday event.

interview to customer ken who lived around that area, he said he loved the food there as they had everything he needed, such as pizza, pasta and soda, he could come and eat when he is hungry.
he feels warm and relaxed as there was soft music playing at the background, and he was enjoying to look at other people’s birthday party events.

interview to the co worker Meebo: she was the cashier and she was one of my friend, she work there for 4 years, from waiter to cashier. the only time they could have break is at 3 pm , it is because the manager will take off after the busy hour which is before 3, and customer became less after 3 pm. she enjoy working there as she could learn different experiences and learn how to organize properly

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