Describing the theory as the authors/researchers do, but also in laymens terms. Are there any diagrams or conceptual models? If so they should be included and described here.

Tools/research methods used to capture theory/concept
Consider: What scales, research methods, or practices have been used to measure this concept. If none exist explain why. If some have include images, examples, or links to the tools.
Examples of research this used this theory.
Consider: What research has used this to date. Give a number of examples, at least 3 for full credit. Briefly explain its usage and results in research.
Real world examples of concepts in practice
Consider: Finding articles in online newspapers or magazine that reflect the implications of these theories or concepts. This may not be spelled out directly, so feel free (regardless) to draw the conclusion from the article and how the theory or concept is applicable to the topic. At least 3 examples for full credit.
Hypothetical applications to various entities and how this theory could inform decisions for various groups and individuals.
Consider: Think about other topics or situation that you have personally experienced and how this theory applies to that situation. Explain how the theory or concept informed a decision you made or experienced and may not have even known it at the time. At least 3 examples for full credit.
Reference page
All articles and references should be properly cited using APA guidelines on this page. This includes whatever references were used to find historical information, examples of research, tools, and real world examples.

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