Difference between hackers, programmers, engineers and computer scientists.

need in 2 hours, disscussion reply 200 words, 100 each

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disscussion reply to the question, 2 replies needed in 100 words

pleaseread article if possible and answer in 200 words, 100 each

I just read an article that I would like to share about the difference between hackers, programmers, engineers and computer scientists. I found the article interesting and can agree that titles in corporate America get interchanged a lot and I’ve seen this happen at where I work. What would you like your title to be? Read the article and give me your comments.


2: My thoughts around this is that the code actually has to know it’s broken or missing functionality so I would imagine this maybe some kind of way to automatically add code and compile on the fly. The questions I have is how it would handle documentation and versioning which is the painful part of human manual intervention. This discovery is supposed to free up developers to work on features versus updating code with bug fixes.

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