Discuss 3 advantages and/or disadvantages of using forensic tools during an investigation?

In your training meeting, you must provide specific details of what forensic tools are available for use, and what current evidence processing laws are in place.
For full credit, your 34-paragraph Discussion Board posting must include the following information: You may discuss any combination of advantages and disadvantages, but you must discuss 3. Why is this an advantage/disadvantage? What is 1 example of a way in which an investigation can be corrupted by not using computer forensics tools? How would this affect the investigation?
What do you consider to be the 3 most important forensics tools currently being used? Also discuss the most important features of each of these tools.
What information can be accessed by using these tools, and how is this information used in the investigative process/what is the importance of this information? What do you consider to be the 3 most important evidence processing laws that must be taken into consideration during an investigation? Why are these laws important, and who, specifically, do these laws protect?

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