Discuss the problems associated with bureaucratic control.

Which of the following types of controls do managers use during the output stage of transforming raw materials into finished goods?
Behavioral control
Concurrent control
Bureaucratic control
Feedforward control
Feedback control
20 points
Question 2
In order to improve performance and motivation, Scott’s performance is evaluated not only by his direct manager, but also by his customers, subordinates, and coworkers. This is an example of a __________.
peer appraisal
client appraisal
supervisor appraisal
360-degree appraisal
20 points
Question 3
Which of the following is true of clan control?
Clan control and organizational culture are independent of each other.
The use of clan control has decreased in organizations over the past few years.
It standardizes behavior and leads people to behave in predictable ways.
It serves a dual function of keeping organizational members goal-directed while open to new opportunities.
It cannot be used for many of the most significant organizational activities.
20 points
Question 4
Which of the following controls leads to standardized behavior and standardized work outputs?
Effective output control
Bureaucratic control
Feedback control
Feedforward control
Clan control
20 points
Question 5
Which of the following is specific only to employee development, and not training?
Classroom instruction
On-the-job training
Formal education
Role playing
Discuss the problems associated with bureaucratic control. Describe a situation in which you have worked in an organization under bureaucratic control or a situation that you know about where bureaucratic control is used. What do you feel would change in the organization if the bureaucratic control was changed to a control system where the employees were allowed to participate in decisions affecting the organization? Please explain your answer.

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