Discuss the various perspectives on the chosen matter.

You will read through the scholarly literature on 1 of the 3 topics provided below:

Evidence Interpretation: What are the consequences of getting it wrong? (You will review the literature on false accusations and convictions and discuss how this relates to our moral obligation to the innocent and to the guilty.)
DNA: Is the data from an intelligent source or is the explanation biologically simplistic? (You will explore the research on DNA and discuss how it is explained by scientists in court, and how that explanation is or is not aligned with God’s explanation of nature and man.)
Sexual Assault Investigations: Making sense out of “he said, she said.” (You will review the research related to how consent is perceived and realized by various actors.)

Then, in a 5–7-page paper, discuss the various perspectives on the chosen matter. You will need to cite at least 5–7 scholarly sources, and form an opinion based upon research. You should be sure to explore the moral, theological, economical, and ethical questions surrounding your proposal for this policy. In other words, be sure to articulate your Christian worldview on this particular issue, as it relates to God’s perspective of social justice.

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