Discuss, with facts, what you believe the character(s) struggles and symptoms are. Incorporate and cite your readings.

Watch the following movie and answer the following question by writing a paper. The Virgin Suicides 1. Write 1-2 paragraphs describing the movie. Discuss dynamically what is occurring with and between the characters. 2. Discuss, with facts, what you believe the character(s) struggles and symptoms are. Incorporate and cite your readings. 3. Based on your readings, does the movie promote any biases or myths about this particular struggle or diagnoses? Discuss how the movie correctly and incorrectly portrays the mental health issue(s). 4. How does the characters illness/struggles impact family and friends? Discuss support options for the family. If there were none, please discuss what you think would have helped the family. 5. What treatment options does the character receive? If no treatment options are presented, discuss what options you think would be beneficial. Please research treatment options that may be effective for this illness and cite 2-3 sources. Include medication options. Discuss the effectiveness of the treatment options based on the time frame the movie took place. EX: if the movie is set in the 1960’s what treatment options were available? 6. Discuss the stigmas and discrimination the character experience. Discuss how we continue to today perpetuating discrimination. 7. Discuss what you learned from watching this movie. Paper should have an intro, body, with transitional sentences and a conclusion. DO NOT use contractions. I want you to practice professional writing. Make sure your sentences are grammatically correct with proper punctuation. If you need assistance with writing please access the writing lab on campus. The assignment should be in APA format. This assignment is worth 50 points. This assignment is to be completed individually. This will be the outline for all movie assignments. Each group will be required to watch 2 movies during the semester. The paper should be 4-7 pages in length.

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