Do you believe that lack of female leadership in top executive positions is a problem in our country? What do you–as a woman OR a man–take away from this talk?

For your research paper,
you will need to choose one TED talk that we have watched this semester that presents
an idea that you feel reveals a problem that is worth exploring at greater length.
After selecting your talk, you will then need to identify a problem that is raised in the talk
and pose a feasible solution that will either solve OR improve the problem.
Your goal is not to argue the same thing as the speaker but rather to build upon the
topic by offering a more specific claim.
For example, I would not want to argue that women should sit at the table in order to
improve their chances of working their way up the corporate ladder, as that is
Sandbergs argument; however, I might want to propose that womens leadership
courses be instituted in public high schools (or even Broward County high schools!) as a
way of preparing women to enter male-dominated fields.
Your proposal should clearly identify a problem and pose a viable solution. The TED
talk should serve as one source for your essay. Please do not choose the same
TED talk that you worked with in the first essay.

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