Effective Consulting Research Methods Report.

Assignment 2: RA 2: Effective Consulting Research Methods Report

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Assignment 2: RA 2: Effective Consulting Research Methods Report

Must be familiar with performing multiple regressions, please view attachments

Description of RA 2:

For this assignment, you are to review the scenario below and develop an 8- to 10-page report following the directions below. Please watch the video Computing a Multiple Regression to refresh your memory. Please note that you are not expected to use the program depicted in the video or write in the language described in the video.


You have been contracted by a company to hire the next chief executive officer (CEO). The company has given you ten potential candidates for the position of chief executive officer (CEO), but it wants you to first gather data on the executives to help determine the best candidate. The candidates have been engaged in coaching and have also taken an emotional intelligence (EI) test. You suspect that variables such as years of experience as an executive, months of coaching, and years of education will all contribute to the scores on the emotional intelligence (EI) test, as well as the success of the right candidate. In this case, the higher the emotional intelligence (EI) score, the better. More business experience, higher education, more months with a coach, and higher emotional intelligence (EI) test scores indicate the better candidates. We are assuming the company has offered coaching in the past. The data of the emotional intelligence (EI) test conducted on the candidates is given in the table below:

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