Entrepreneurial development as a viable option for employment generation in Nigerianb).

Based on the selected topic, you are required to develop a research paper under the following general guidelines:
i. The entire text comprising of introduction, research objectives, research questions and or hypothesis, literature review and methodology must NOT be less than 15 pages and NOT more than 20 pages excluding references.
ii. The text should contain at least 20 JOURNAL ARTICLES but not more than 30 JOURNAL ARTICLES. It should also consider not more than 10 other sources including books.
iii. You are also allowed to access international and national corporate websites where relevant but Wikipedia sources are not acceptable.
iv. References and citations should be in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) format only.

v. The entire text and references should be typed using Times New Roman font, 12- font size and 1.5 line spacing in Microsoft Word.
vi. Use A4 Paper in the production of the text
vii. Avoid plagiarism of existing dissertation or thesis or any published or unpublished work.
viii. No Abstract is required for this assignment.
Delay on submission
Late submission of soft and hard copies attracts 5% penalty for every day delayed.
Achievable goal of the paper: The paper is expected to: (a) develop the rationale of the research and the problem therefrom, (b) identify a clear research objectives and research questions, (c) outline a theoretical framing for investigating the question, (d) synthesize the existing literature on the topic, (e) present logical hypotheses, and (f) develop a meaningful research design. Good Luck

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