-Evidence based healthcare describe a particular challenge or aspect of the conduct of a systematic review and present either their way of dealing with this or the approach that they would take to deal with it.

-one or both of the assignments can take the form of the outline for a SWAR (Study Within A Review), in which the particular challenge and a possible solution to it would be presented using the SWAR template, outlining the design of a study that could provide evidence to resolve the challenge.-This outline would include information on the background to the SWAR, its objective, the area of the study to be investigated, any interventions or actions that would be compared (and the method for allocating to different interventions or actions), the outcome measures to determine the effects of the interventions or actions and how these would be analysed, and any possible problems in implementing this SWAR.1. Is the question/issue to be addressed clearly described?2. Is an appropriate technique chosen to address this question/issue?3. Are alternative techniques, and the reasons for not using them, clearly
described?4. Have they identified potential sources of information and/or relevant
information adequately?5. Is their answer to the question (or their reason for not being able to answer it at
this time) clear?Question
Determining eligibility criteria- decide the types of participants who are eligible for your review
-decide on the types of intervention that are eligible for your review
-decide the types of outcome measure that should be reported in your review
-prepare a summary describing the types of participants, interventions, outcome measurs and study design that would be eligible for your reviewBackground
Interventions and comparators
Method for allocating to intervention or comparator
Data Extraction- discuss the rationale for obtaining complete data for review
Discuss the data extraction for some review
Appraise a data extraction form
Outcome measures
Analysis plans
Possible problems implementing

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