Explain a specific topic in any area of Philosophy of Mind that interests you.

Let’s have a discussion among each other about any Philosophy of Mind topic: Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, Personal Identity, Freedom of Will, Mind/ Body Problem, etc. Use the chapters in Nichols to explain a topic in philosophy of mind. Then, APPLY your knowledge to media: Read a book, watch a movie, watch a YouTube or Ted Talk, read a website.Objectives:*Do some research and share ideas about a movie, You Tubes, book, podcast, article, web site, etc. *Apply your knowledge of the philosophy topic to every day life (in this case, a movie you have seen, or a Ted Talk). Teach others what the movie or media source is about, to increase others’ awareness of some cool media to watch.*Increase civic engagement by post at least one reply to another student’s post.*Plagiarized assignments will receive a 0 until resubmitted. Instructions: 1.In one paragraph, briefly explain some relevant aspects of one media source from a book, movie, Ted Talk, etc. You must cite the media source.2. In a separate paragraph, explain a specific philosophy of mind topic. E.g., explain the difference between the body vs. memory theory of personal identity; explain Descartes’ notion of dualism; explain Chalmers’ Zombie thought experiment, etc. Stay focused and only explain ONE specific concept. You must cite definitions or concepts from philosophers. Use Nichols, Descartes, Chalmers, Nagel, Perry, etc.3. The third paragraph should APPLY your knowledge of philosophy to the media. Give an argument and support your position by using details of the movie/ show. For example, give an argument for why Bruce Banner is not the same person as the Hulk. Or, explain how The Terminator is not conscious. Or, explain how the scenario in Freaky Friday is conceptually impossible, because it violates physicalism. This is your own application, assessment, and argument.4. Reply to another student’s post to increase your awareness of some cool media you can check out. A reply to a post should be at least 1 paragraphs long. *You MUST cite and include bibliography! Assignments with no citations or bibliography will not be graded.
CITATIONS: should be added to the body of your text. Cite the producer and year, in the paragraph that explains a movie or television show.*ANY TIME YOU SUMMARIZE SOMEONE ELSE’S IDEAS YOU MUST CITE THE SOURCE. When you explain a movie, you must cite the reference (otherwise your reader won’t know where to look or what to watch).*See the “APA HANDOUT”Preview the document for information on how to cite. A citation should look like this: (Authors last name, date, page number). If it is from a website it must look like this: (Author of the website, date).
BIBLIOGRAPHY:*Include a bibliography, so that we can check it out as well. Use Purdue Owl for info on how to cite movies, websites, etc.: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/11/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Producer, P. P. (Producer), & Director, D. D. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of motion picture [Motion picture]. Country of origin: Studio or distributor.*The bibliography of a website should look like this:Author’s last name, authors first name. (Date of website publication). “Title page of web site.” From Website Name. Retrieved [date you retrieved the website] from [ full http:// address]. Writing Tip:STRUCTURE: It is very important to keep your paragraphs separate, as indicated in the instructions. Explain before you apply. I.e. explain the movie; then, explain a philosophy topic or theory we learned about in class, then APPLY these theories to the movie. This way your reader knows the philosophical dilemma from the movie, is aware of some options from philosophers’ theories, and knows your position and your arguments.

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