Explain the importance of the material/method that you selected. What are going to be covered? Describe organization of the report.

The essay should highlight the characteristics of the selected material/method and compare it
with the characteristics of the more commonly used alternatives.1. Cover page and the Table of contents – 2 pages (0 points, mandatory! Not having a cover
page or a table of content causes 5 point penalty)
2. Abstract (summary is written after the work on the paper is completed) 1 page
(5 points)
3. Introduction 2 pages (10 points)
Why this topic?
4. Main body about 10 to 12 pages (including tables, graphs, figures each taking not
more than half a page) (50 points, see breakdown below). The way you organize the main
body of your paper depends on the choice of your topic.
a. Suitable headings/ subheadings/ organization (10 points)
b. Effort in research using multiple sources (10 points)
c. Quality and value of information (10 points)
d. Quality of Tables, Figures, Graphs (10 points) (total space devoted to these should not
exceed 20% of the paper)
e. Quality of your own analysis based on the information (10 points)
5. Conclusions 2 pages (10 points)
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