Field trip research paper:

Field trip research paper: This has to be based off a muesum in Illinois as it has to look like I was able to view these sites.
Is this possible?
Example based off of some culture exhibts in the field muesum in Chicago IL
How the paper will need to be written…
This essay has to be written on 3 different culture exhibts. Example exhibts in the Field muesum It needs to be 4pages. One page on the descrioption of the three displays you have selected, using both information you have collected and your own power of observation. Then one page on the comparison of 2 of the 3 selections you have made. Compare and contrast the two. Then 2 pages on the overall effect..Meaning asking questions like does this give me good information? Does this give me a greater understanding of this subject? does this illustrate things i’ve learned?

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