Gender PrivilegeYou will write an assessment of 500 words based on ALL of the details below.

The 500-word count DOES NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS BELOW, ONLY THE RESPONSES. Simply copy and paste your assessment into the text box. Do not attach any documents. Ask a friend or relative of the opposite sex the following questions (below). This assessment will only be based on your friend/relative’s responses – and YOUR overall opinion of what he/she shares. Do not QUOTE any internet sources, books, magazinesetc. If you do, you will have an F.1. When it comes to the workforce, what kind of privileges do you think I would have over YOU, and why? Ask for specific examples.2. When it comes to the workforce, what kind of privileges do you think YOU would have over ME, and why? Ask for specific examples.3. Tell me about a time when you felt judged because of your gender. 4. Don’t forget to share your overall opinion of everything shared. Also, tell us a little about the person you interviewed.

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