At we ensure that you get strong guarantees based on our terms and conditions and policies. We have a money-back guarantee, revision policy, plagiarism-free guarantee, privacy policy and terms and conditions. All these are meant to protect our customers. We encourage you to first read all these pages to get familiar with your rights. Note that we often change these pages and you should be wise to read and stay updated.

Money Back Guarantee

The work of this feature is to let you exercise your right to return a service that does not please you, and in return we will refund your money. You can make use of our Money-Back Guarantee at any given time when your order is being processed. So far we have observed that refunds are very rare because our company provides a very reliable writing service. And this feature is very transparent and lacks hidden agendas. In four to six business days you will have your money back.

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Revision Policy

At we usually provide an editing and proofreading service. If we provide a paper that needs to be revised, simply call us and request for revisions. Our Revision Policy allows you to do this.

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Privacy Policy

Each time you visit, there is personal data we collect and store in our system. This data is not sold, given away or shared irresponsibly with third parties. We simply use to enhance the service we provide to you through this website. We do not identify our customers by their names when we collect their information. Their personal information remains anonymous.

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Plagiarism-Free Guarantee will never forward your paper to you without first checking it for duplicate content. Plagiarism is bad for students and this is why we use our checkers to confirm that the papers are original. Our plagiarism detectors are very modern and reliable and we keep on upgrading them to always be sure that they give us accurate results.

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Terms & Conditions

When you submit an order or a payment, you must agree to purchase our products only for personal and non-commercial use. We gather products from our freelance writers who agree to transfer all rights and ownership to their content to our company. So we urge you to read our terms and conditions page to find out what your rights are when you are navigating this website.

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