hat is not being stated directly?

If Jane Eyre was to be viewed under a marxist lens, what 3 situations in the novel show the issues of class systems during the victorian era?
Intro: hook, thesis (rewording of question above)
body paragraph 1: Jane as a child considered lower class even though she came from a wealthy family
body paragraph 2: jane as a governess – servant class or higher cuz of education?
body paragraph 3: jane and rochester’s relationship – high class usually dont love low class people
conclusion: sum up.. whats ur point?

each body paragraph must have 2 quotes (passages):
-descibe passage
-analyze: what is not being stated directly? what does it suggest?
-conclude: conclusion about message from passage (relate to thesis), its effect

graded on:
-ideas 10
-organization 10
-sentence fluency 10
-conventions 5

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