Most Americans seem to believe that natural disasters are on the increase. Lots of people are pointing fingers and placing blame. Everyone watching the news would seem to agree that hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, typhoons, earth quakes, wild fires and mud slides, temperature extremes, and droughts seem to be increasing in intensity, and possibly in frequency. Scientists look towards climate change as just one of the possibilities effecting our planet. Melting glaciers, lack of snow pack, shrinkage of polar caps, dying coral reefs, magnetic inversion, and warming oceans are also concerns. Through recorded history, nature has never seemed so “out of ¢Our current president believes that we need to curb green house emissions, and try for a more neutral carbon foot print. Two ancient civilizations, the Maya and the Chinese, have predicted dire times ahead for humanity in the very, near future. In the year 2012, the Mayan calendar comes to a halt on December 21st (12/21/12), with a reference to “the end of days.Not to be out done, the ancient Chinese, in the work I Ching, also refer to 12/21/12, as an ominous time for the people of Earth. While many will just say this is just ancient nonsense, check what modern day scientists tell us about where alignment will be within the “heavens.
Your assignment is to argue whether this is just scare, or that there just might be something in all these “coincidences.Your paper must contain two short quotes. (Short means no more than six lines total between the two quotes.) A note: discuss any end of the world theories, as not what the Maya or the Chinese are claiming.

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