How can we tell the DIFFERENCE between what machines can and should do?

Assignment information:
Select 1 of the 2 questions below. Answer the question you select in a 1500 word essay response by developing a CRITICAL REVIEW of innovation theories and case studies presented in lecture that relate to the question. (I will attach all the case studies presented in lecture and you can choose one)Support your arguments with evidence presented in lecture, your module reading list (i will attach), or quality news or media sources. Questions:1.If we assume technology is going to continue to evolve and disrupt humanity and society, its not so much a question of what machines can do as what machines should do.
2. Identify an INNOVATIVE TREND that you have witnessed that has the ability to overtake existing practices and escalate to mainstream adoption. What are the factors that will either encourage or impede the transition from one way of doing things to another?Some points you may consider covering in your CRITICAL REVIEW:
Which of the three questions have you chosen?
How do these theories presented in lecture or the readings relate to the question topic?
How can the theories presented in lecture of the readings be used to support your answer to the question? I will attach the marking scheme, module reading list and lecture slides. Please go through the lecture slides, module reading list and when messaging, please provide a question of either of the 2 you would like to do.

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