How do we move from watching films passively to analyzing them actively? And why does making that shift matter?

We all love watching films, but do we know how to really watch them? Do we simply watch movies to be entertained, or do we know how to put a film under a metaphorical microscope so we can truly understand and appreciate it, and speak intelligently about it to others? This project requires you to analyze a film you have not yet seen and write a paper in which you organize and present your findings. In a nutshell, you will be telling readers what your chosen film means and how it can be best understood. Through multiple viewings, you will observe its inner-workings carefully, with the goal of figuring out how all the films piecesits visual effects, music, sound, language, and structurework together to create a satisfying and meaning-rich whole. Youre going to figure out what your film is really all about. This endeavor will not only bolster your critical thinking abilities; it may also make you enjoy movie-watching even more.Film – Under the shadow (Netflix)

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