How does the global environment shape foreign policy?

Please use the below references using parenthetical references.
This essay assignment of 5 questions, 2 pages or 500 words for each question maximum for a final total of 10 pages, to test knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. The exclusive use of required texts and readings from this course is mandatory.

Please present your work as a Word document, remembering to double-space and put your name and a title on the paper.
Important: Number the questions on your paper and write a topic/thesis sentence that indicates the question you are answering. You do not need to rewrite the question as long as the numbers correspond.
1. How does the global environment shape foreign policy?
2. How has the system shaped policy since the onset of the cold war?
3. What are the roles of the president in foreign policy decision-making?
4. What forces provide constraints to the fulfillment of these roles?
5. Given the references below you’ve read provide an historical example of an event in which the President was forced to make a critical foreign policy decision. What limited his decision-making and how did this impact the outcome of the decision?
Rosati and Scott (Attached) Case Study:
Cuban Missile Crisis:
Video: Cybersecurity in the Obama Administration:
Walt, Stephen M. 2011. “The myth of American exceptionalism.” Foreign Policy no. 189: 72-75.
Video Lectures – PBS The American Experience:

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