How effectively you support your position by integrating at least three, credible sources, two of which need to be sources you have found.

Synthesis/Argument Essay: Rage Against the MachineAssignmentRead the sources posted below carefully. Then, in a 750-1250 word essay that synthesizes at least three sources for support, including TWO that you find, take a position that defends, challenges, or qualifies the claim that (some particular) modern technological innovation has positively impacted our lives, specifically the way we think, read, work or communicate. Directions The prompt is based on the accompanying sources, two of which will be valid sources you discover. You are to enter into this ongoing academic conversation and then form your own understanding of it. YOUR argument should be central; the sources you integrate should support your argument. Refer directly and indirectly to the sources to support your position; avoid mere paraphrase or summary. Remember to attribute both direct and indirect citations using MLA rules for in-text citation. You will also need to provide a Works Cited page, of course. Context: Entering the ConversationModern technological innovations–including the internet, cell phones, tablets, social media, artificial intelligence, automated cars, or other forms of technological integration–have become a major factor in todays society, changing the ways we think, act, live, read, and communicate. Consider this broad question: Have technological innovations made a positive or negative impact on you, and how would YOU argue that technology has helped or hindered society? SourcesThe first five sources come from They Say, I SayCarrs Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Thompsons Smarter Than You Think
Turkles No Need to Call
Worthams How I Learned to Love Snapchat
Goldsmiths Go Ahead: Waste Time on the Internet
Twenges Have Smartphones Ruined a Generation
Your Source: (Include PDF or Link to Source)
Your Source: (Include PDF or Link to Source)EvaluationYou will be evaluated on the following criteria:–How effectively you develop a position on technologys specific impact–negative or positive–on you and/or society at large
–How effectively you use those sources to develop your position
–How well your prose demonstrates an ability to control a wide range of the elements of effective writing, including paragraph unity and coherence, transitions, the use of clear topic sentences, and overall attention to grammar, format and mechanics.

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