How might this legislation contradict previous US policy commitments under the World Trade Organization?

Pleases discuss the following three (3) topics, each topic should be discuss separately. Each topic should be at least 350 words and two Turabian Style references using parenthesis.

1. Foreign Economics and the National Economic Council
Please discuss the following issue:
You are a senior official at the State Department and you have been assigned the responsibility of developing a memo to the White House articulating the Department’s position on a piece of legislation that is currently being considered by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has requested the Administration’s views of the legislation before it sends the legislation to the floor for a vote. The White House has also asked for the views of the Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security, Labor and Health and Human Services Departments.

Your memorandum should at least 350 words but no more than 500 words in length. You should address all the issues below.

The proposed legislation would do three things. First it would establish tariffs against imports from China and other low-wage countries in Asia and Africa (allies like Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan would be exempted). Supporters of this legislation claim that the flood of such imports has eroded America’s domestic manufacturing to the point where action needs to be taken in order to shrink the unemployment rate in this country. In so doing, government tax revenues would increase and spending on programs like unemployment insurance and Social Security would shrink.

Second, the legislation would require the White House to designate high tech and defense industries in which foreign investment by countries that are not members of NATO would be limited. Supporters of the legislation argue that foreign investors should not be able to gain control over companies essential to national defense or to America’s technological leadership in the key industries of tomorrow.

Third, the legislation would prohibit the importation of any goods from a foreign corporation that has been found by either the Secretaries of the Commerce or Health and Human Services Departments to have violated American consumer safety rules. The legislation would require annual reports by the White House listing those foreign corporations.

Your memorandum should evaluate the short and long term effects that this legislation is likely to have. Specifically, the memorandum should address:

1.) How might this legislation contradict previous US policy commitments under the World Trade Organization?


2.) How might this legislation affect US-Chinese foreign policy relations – especially with respect to efforts to get China to work with us in de-nuclearizing North Korea and to reaching a peaceful resolution of the Taiwan issue?

Rosati and Scott, Chapter Eight (Attached)
Video: US Trade Policy and China:
Video: Goodbye Euro:
Video: US Embargo on Cuba:

2. Development Debate:
Do you side with Easterly or Sachs in the development debate? Do the authors adequately address the complexity of development? Support your argument in a scholarly manner.

Dambisa Moyo, “Aid Ironies: A Response to Jeffrey Sachs,”
Jeffrey Sachs and John W. McArthur, “Moyo’s Confused Attack on Aid for Africa.”
William Easterly, “Geography Lessons: Correcting Sachs on African Economic Development.”
Jeffrey Sachs “No Need to Oversimplify Poverty.”
William Easterly, “Back to Sachs: Astrology, Despotism, and Africa.”
“Letters – Up From Poverty.” Washington Post,
Thomas J. Bollyky, “Developing Symptoms Noncommunicable Diseases Go Global,”
Oscar Arias, “Culture Matters: The Real Obstacles to Latin American Development,”

3. International Law: Arbitration
How Important is the International Court of Justice?
Due to budget pressures in the United States, an increasing numbers of voters and members of Congress have expressed the view that the country should cut back on its funding of the United Nations. The US funds about $6.5 billion of the UN’s regular annual budget – that amounts to 22% of the UN budget.

The International Court of Justice is a small part of the UN budget, but there is a proposal in Congress to eliminate US funding for the ICJ.

What would you say to educate the American public and Congress about why the reasons why the ICJ should continue to be funded by the US?

(Do not confuse the ICJ and the ICC in your answers. The International Criminal Court does not arbitrate disputes – it renders judgments against individual people prosecuted for alleged war crimes and human rights abuses. The ICC is not part of the UN structure.)

International Court of Justice, The International Court of Justice: History, Jurisdiction
(Video) Council on Foreign Relations, The United States and the ICJ, December 23, 2011.
Sarhan, Karim. “The ABCs of WTO Dispute Resolution,” Dispute Resolution Journal, December 2005-January 2006
Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance

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