How to find a Law Review Article.

(20 points)

Directions: Please complete the following problems using the “US Legal” tab on LexisNexis Academic. For more instruction on how to get to LexisNexis, please see the next page. Type your answers to the following questions into a separate document. You will need to submit your answers on Oncourse prior to class on February 16.

Goal: This assignment is designed to help you become more comfortable navigating and researching on LexisNexis. By the end of the assignment, you should be prepared to search for case law and law review articles, which will help you prepare for class discussions/activities.

1. Please locate the case with the following abbreviated citation: 491 U.S. 397. Answer the following questions with regard to this case.

Case Name:

Summary of Case (2-3 sentences):

Who wrote the majority opinion?

Did anyone write a dissenting opinion? If so, who?

2. What is the abbreviated citation to the U.S. Supreme Court decision Morse v. Frederick? Which Justice delivered the opinion of the Court in this case?



3. Please find a Supreme Court case that explores the meaning of the Second Amendment. Provide the case name, citation, and a short summary.

Case Name:


Short Summary:

4. Please find a Law Review Article that relates to Terri Schiavo. Provide the title of the article and the author(s).



On-line Legal Research Tips

Finding Resources for Class Discussions:

• How to find a Law Review Article:
1. go to
2. click on Lexis-Nexis Academic (under header “Top Recommended Resources”)
3. click on “Advanced Options” under the search box
4. Unselect all sources except for “Law Reviews”
5. Use search terms related to your topic. (Once law review articles appear, you will need to carefully review them to make sure they are relevant to your topic.)

• How to find a Case:
1. follow steps 1-3 above (under “How to find a Law Review Article”)
2. Unselect all sources except for “State and Federal Cases”
3. Use the “Build your own segment search” to craft an appropriate search
4. TIP: It is easiest to search by “CITE” if you know the citation to the case (e.g., 349 U.S. 294)
5. TIP: You can also search for terms that appear in the “SUMMARY.”
6. You can restrict the results of your search to a particular jurisdiction by using the “COURT” option in your search.

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